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Our Debut Product 'The Clockmaker's Daughter' opens on the 4th of August at The Sonnet Theater at The Producers Club in Manhattan  

Distraught after the untimely death of his daughter, Abraham Reed sets about capturing her image in clockwork, building a young girl so unquestionably real that even he is unable to fathom her making. However, upon winding her, Abraham realizes he has created something more than a machine. Terrified of being discovered, Abraham gives Constance one rule; to remain hidden from the outside world. But the young creation, full of child-like curiosity and frustrated with her limited existence, quickly forms other plans. The story unfolds as the sleepy town of Spindlewood, unaware of Constance's secret, accepts her and welcomes her. However, when the truth is discovered, the town has to reckon with whether they can look past Constance's differences and see her for who she really is.

Featured cast members include: Carla Mongado as Constance; Bryan Douglas as Abraham Reed; Jake Zeff as Will; Gabriella Carucci as Amelia; Stefan Schallack as Henry; and Jenna Paulus as Ma' Riley. The rest of the cast features Lauren Brown, Danielle Flood, Caitlyn Freeman, Michael Lacey, Kaleb Sells, and Aseem Shukla

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